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BTFS clients have the built-in feature of auto-updating during a version release. The auto-update process automatically stops and restarts the BTFS daemon. The new BTFS daemon then has all the features in the updated release.

The AutoUpdate by default pings every 24 hours for the most recent version number. If you have a BTFS node running, and your internet connection drops off, this may result in the generation of error logs, but node functionality is not affected.


To configure the AutoUpdate pinging frequency, navigate to the YAML files located in the BTFS installation directory (use which btfs to find the location, usually /usr/local/bin or $GOPATH/bin or $HOME/btfs/bin). There should be a config.yaml file, as well as a config file specified for your OS and Architecture.

version: x.x.x
md5: 0345ea00771abeb6fa4b10989e7b8cb2
autoupdateFlg: true
sleepTimeSeconds: 86400
beginNumber: 0
endNumber: 100

Adjust the parameter sleepTimeSeconds to the desired frequency in both YAML files, and save the files.

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