Common error reports

The following errors are reported from community member feedback. We will continue to improve this document.

1.Error: init vault service: vault init: insufficient funds for gas * price + value

Error: init vault service:vault init: insufficient funds for gas * price+value
What causes this error:BTT deficiency

Solution:Recharge BTT

2.Error: report status contract:reportstatus/reportstatus.go:258


What causes this error:Usually, the error will disappear after some time. This error may be caused by a previous migration of data, so you do not need to worry about it.

Solution:No additional user actions required.

3.Error: report-status-contract:reportstatus/reportstatus.go:252 GetReport Status err:storage:noet found


What causes this error?:This error is generated when the node reports status for the first time because the local data is empty. The error will disappear after the number of reports >= 2.

Solution:This error can be ignored and does not need to be handled.