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Multiple File Pinning

BTFS Key Gen

The btfs key gen command allows users to pin multiple files onto one node, by letting users generate a new keypair for each file to be pinned.

For example, we can generate 4 key pairs using ECDSA, RSA, and ed25519 algorithms:

User-MacBook-Pro:user$ btfs key gen --type=ecdsa pin1

User-MacBook-Pro:user$ btfs key gen --type=ecdsa pin2

User-MacBook-Pro:user$ btfs key gen --type=rsa pin3

User-MacBook-Pro:user$ btfs key gen --type=ed25519 pin4

We first upload four image files to BTFS:

User-MacBook-Pro:pictures user$ btfs add antelopecanyon.jpg
added QmdymbgfUbaQmFo2wShmPZ7z713T5cATTHx229QKBtk8jX antelopecanyon.jpg
 212.55 KiB / 212.55 KiB [=================================================================] 100.00%

User-MacBook-Pro:pictures user$ btfs add yellowstone1.jpg
added QmRGaRVWP9CbkN5SpReMejkbbtuzxHPqQRcexyhFc4jJJB yellowstone1.jpg
 5.64 MiB / 5.64 MiB [=====================================================================] 100.00%
User-MacBook-Pro:pictures user$ btfs add angellanding.jpg
added QmNRNVAoXmSEVWVVwbmDiCvbRm7gvzCiHRtwMca5ohjKoV angellanding.jpg
 242.61 KiB / 242.61 KiB [=================================================================] 100.00%
User-MacBook-Pro:pictures user$ btfs add hunanmountains.jpg
added QmZEsHXJ3cp1WJbDC321ftLFb4Jymxre2ACrmdQiqLHmif hunanmountains.jpg
 98.36 KiB / 98.36 KiB [===================================================================] 100.00%

We can then pin the antelopecanyon.jpg file hash to a keypair:

// Publish 

User-MacBook-Pro:pictures user$ btfs name publish --key=pin1 QmdymbgfUbaQmFo2wShmPZ7z713T5cATTHx229QKBtk8jX

// Output:
Published to QmfQZaw58AvSAf9Ych8Qtt9GHgq9ET9BsDT5SLuuMnVaZ7: /btfs/QmdymbgfUbaQmFo2wShmPZ7z713T5cATTHx229QKBtk8jX

The output tells the user the antelopecanyon.jpg hashed file has been pinned to keypair name "pin1", which has the hash value of QmfQZaw58AvSAf9Ych8Qtt9GHgq9ET9BsDT5SLuuMnVaZ7. Thus, visiting the URL will show:

Let us pin hunanmountain.jpg to our same BTFS node, but using a different keypair. We will use "pin2":

// Publish 

User-MacBook-Pro:pictures user$ btfs name publish --key=pin2 QmZEsHXJ3cp1WJbDC321ftLFb4Jymxre2ACrmdQiqLHmif

// Output:
Published to QmTwunwcRUjAKSp9gNB79ZZyJ81eiTrWYb3epqbFQpvm5P: /btfs/QmZEsHXJ3cp1WJbDC321ftLFb4Jymxre2ACrmdQiqLHmif

Likewise, the URL will show:

Thus, we are able to pin multiple files to our BTFS node, at least up to the maximum storage capacity set in the configuration file.

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Multiple File Pinning

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