Solution for "No online proofs have been submitted since the node was upgraded to V2.2.0"

The BTFS community has identified the following possible causes for the reported issue "the node has not submitted online proof after the v2.2.0 update". Solutions are provided below.

Cause 1: "OnlineServerDomain" is added to the config file of v2.2.0 nodes. If you start your node without updating the configuration, the node may not be able to submit online proof because OnlineServerDomain cannot be found in the config file.

  1. Open the config file of your node and check whether there is "OnlineServerDomain" in the config group "Services";
    "OnlineServerDomain": "",
  1. If this configuration is null or does not exist, add it to the group as shown above, init again, and start the node.

Cause 2: The node fails to connect to the signature service.
Solution: Test the connectivity of the node and the signature service's domain name (

Cause 3: The node has unstable network connection.
Solution: We recommend you check the network status of the node.