Windows client update solution

How to update BTFS v1.x.x to the latest version (applicable to BTFS installed from BitTorrent clients):

  1. Make sure both your BitTorrent client and the BTFS installed from it are up and running;
  2. Download the script at and double click the file to run the program;
  3. After the script is executed, you will be redirected to the onboarding page of BTFS 2.0 once the update is completed;
  4. Follow the instructions on the page to make a deposit, and wait for the contract to be deployed and the service to be enabled;
  5. Once the service is on, you will be taken from the onboarding page to the BTFS dashboard.


  1. The .BAT file will not work when your BitTorrent client is not running (check if there is a BT icon on the taskbar). Please try again if the script fails.
  2. Try to copy the URL ( to another browser when the onboarding page does not show in your default Internet Explorer browser.
  3. If you close the BT client without making a deposit after the update, the client's entry to BTFS will not show next time when you start it. This is because BTFS is still running. To solve this issue, please end the BTFS task in the task manager and restart the BT client.