## Requirements

If you do not have BTT in TRON supported wallet yet, please go ahead and purchase your BTT any of the exchanges in the list here: [https://www.bittorrent.com/btt/?utm_source=bittorrent-top-nav](🔗)

## Get Private Key in Hex Format

  1. Run command to find your BTFS node’s private key:

  1. Navigate to the [https://github.com/TRON-US/btfs-binary-releases](🔗) directory and choose your Operating System and Architecture. For example: [https://github.com/TRON-US/btfs-binary-releases/blob/master/windows/amd64/ledger-util.exe](🔗) [https://github.com/TRON-US/btfs-binary-releases/blob/master/darwin/amd64/ledger-util](🔗)

  2. Click the "Download" button

  3. Set the file attributes to executable On windows, there is no need to do so On Mac and Linux, run

  1. Run the ledger-util tool on the command line and then input your private key found from step #1 when prompted.

  1. Input private key of account from step #1 `<private key from btfs config>`

  2. Copy the value outputted in “account private key (hex) format”

## Obtain BTT Crypto Wallet Address

  1. Paste your private key in hex format from the output of ledger-util, field “account private key hex format” to [http://www.tronide.io/](🔗) - CONVERTER TOOL - PriKey_PubKey_Address - Main Net - PriKey - Start:


  1. Copy Crypto Wallet address that is shown in field Address (Base58Check)


## Deposit BTT to BTT Crypto Wallet

  1. Deposit the desired amount of BTT from your exchange or wallet, into the address shown in Address (Base58Check)

## Transfer BTT from BTT Crypto Wallet to BTFS In-App Wallet

  1. Note, there’s an <amount> limit in the transfer service: (<amount> number are all BTT*10^6) Min withdraw amount: 1,000,000,000 - 1 thousand BTT Max withdraw amount: 1,000,000,000,000 - 1 million BTT

  2. Run:

  1. Wait for around 1 minute until shows “BTFS wallet deposit Done”

  2. Now you should have BTT in BTFS In-App Wallet, you can verify by running: