Publish BTNS names.


argBTFS path of the object to be published.stringY
resolveCheck if the given path can be resolved before publishing. Default: "true".booleanN
lifetimeTime duration the record will be valid for. This accepts durations such as "300s", "1.5h", or "2h45m". Valid time units are "ns", "us (or “µs”)", "ms", "s", "m", and "h". Default: "24h".stringN
allow-offlineWhen offline, save the BTNS record to the local datastore without broadcasting to the network instead of simply failing.booleanN
ttlTime duration this record should be cached for. Uses the same syntax as the lifetime option.stringN
keyName of the key to be used or a valid PeerID, as listed by ipfs key list -l. Default: "self".stringN
quieterWrite only final hash.booleanN
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