Renter Storage Upload (Offline)

Online vs. Offline Signing

The Renter Storage Upload function also has an offline signing mode. This mode allows DApps to sign for file storage uploads for users not running a BTFS daemon. For example, offline signing enables DApps to use BTT from user crypto wallets (i.e. TronLink) for transacting file storage uploads. This differs from the online signing mode, which requires the DApp to sign with the private key derived from BTFS daemon initialization.

The 4 offline-signing related functions are:

  • Offline Sign
  • Get Unsigned Data
  • Sign Contract Batch
  • Get Contract Batch

API Endpoint


Input Parameters

ArgumentInput ValuesTypeDescriptionRequired?
argHash of file uploaded to BTFS node.stringAdd hash of file to upload.Y
leaf-hash"True" or "False"booleanFlag to specify given hash(es) is leaf hash(es). Default: "false".N
pricePrice in μBTTint64Max price Per GB per day of storage in μBTT.N
replication-factorintReplication factor for the file with erasure coding built-in. Default: "3".N
host-select-modescorestringBased on mode to select the host and upload automatically. Default: "score".N
host-selectionstringUse only these selected hosts in order on 'custom' mode. Use ',' as delimiter.N
host-search-localboolEnable host search under all domains (useful for local test).N
storage-lengthNumber of daysintStore file for certain length in days. Default: "30".N


async upload(event) {
    const response = this.btfs.upload(
        Hash: this.state.added_file_hash,
        TimeNonce: this.time.toString(),
        PrivKey: config.PrivKey,
        PeerID: config.PeerID
    try {
      for await (const resp of response) {
        this.setState({ added_session_id: resp.ID })
    } catch (err) {
curl -X POST


// Outputs Session ID