BTFS 2.0.2 Testnet - Kimura

The BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is the next generation file sharing protocol for the BitTorrent ecosystem, and the BTFS team has now released BTFS V2.0.2 Testnet-Kimura.

The updates to BTFS V2.0.2 Testnet-Kimura are as follows,
1.Add parameter PeerId to track the relationship between Peer and BTTC address.
2.Verify the version compatibility of the contract when uploading and receiving files.
3.Add several cheque-related APIs.

At the same time, the BTFS team has released Dashboard v2.0.2 with updates including,
1.Add earning history chart;
2.Add new uncashed amount in the past 24 hours;
1.Add cheque earnings and expense cased and uncashed stats
2.Add cheque earning history chart and cheque expense chart
3.Add cashing history table and cheque detail table

Useful links for BTFS V2.0.2 Testnet-Kimura:
Github repo:
BTFS 2.0 website:
BTFS 2.0 Dashboard repo:

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about BTFS.
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