What is the revenue model of BTFS2.0 test network?


If I add the file to my own BTFS node, how can I generate a shared link for others to download?

  • Adding a file produces a file hash, which is sent to the recipient. The recipient runs a BTFS node and then downloads it using this command line: btfs get file hash.
  • Using a gateway service provided by the project, fill the file hash with the URL: https://gateway-test.btfs.io/btfs/file hash and then download the link through a browser, etc.

If you run 10 different BTFS nodes under the same public IP, is it theoretically 10 times the gain, or is it only 1/10th of the gain per node?

Multiple BTFS programs can be run on the same machine, and we currently do not have a limit on the number of BTFS nodes that can be run from a single public IP.

If running multiple BTFS nodes, then each node needs to generate a new wallet?

Yes. The default and correct practice is to use a different private key for each BTFS node (one private key for one wallet and one private key for one Peer ID). The result of multiple nodes using the same private key may be that none of these nodes are consistently accessible and all of them do not have access to the storage contract.

Is the bandwidth unstable and considered to be offline?

  • BTFS nodes will periodically report heartbeats and other data, if the network is unavailable during the reporting period, then the online time score will drop, resulting in a decrease in Host score, when the Host score is less than 8 points will not get the storage contract.
  • If the network is unavailable when receiving files or being checked for the complete validity of stored files, then the file storage or checking will fail, which will affect the corresponding revenue.

My BTFS node is always online and has a score of 10, but no contract; my BTFS node always had a contract before, but now it doesn't.

As long as the node exceeds 8 points it has a chance to gain revenue. Because of the large base of Hosts that meet the conditions, the probability of a Host getting a contract is uncertain, and later on, as the BTFS community expands and uses increase, etc., the number of contracts will increase accordingly.

How do I report cheating?

Write the complete cheat address + reason for suspicion and send it to the official designated email address [email protected]. The team will carefully verify and block the airdrop reward processing for the confirmed cheating addresses, and blacklist the cheating addresses permanently so that they cannot continue to participate in mining activities.