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The updated Archimedes - V1.5.2 features a series of improvements, including a higher number of Challenge retries for a higher success rate of Challenge, and an extended waiting time of receiving Deposit results, which improves the stability of transfers from on-chain to off-chain wallets. In the updated version, there are 20 new fixed seed nodes, which allow both new and existing nodes to connect to the BTFS peer-to-peer network in a faster, smoother, and more reliable way. This upgrade will deliver a better experience for BTFS miners and boost the BTFS ecosystem.

go-btfs client upgrade

1. Increase the number of Challenge retries and extend the waiting time of receiving Deposit results

To ensure file availability on BTFS, when a file is uploaded to the BTFS network with Reed-Solomon mode switched on, it will be sharded into 30 pieces and stored on 30 different hosts. Each host will periodically accept the proof-of-storage challenge to ensure file completeness and availability. However, in some cases, hosts will fail the challenge due to slow peer-to-peer network response caused by network latency or other factors. To avoid such misjudgements and failed challenges due to reasons like network latency, Archimedes - V1.5.2 features a higher limit of Challenge retries, improving the success rate of Challenge for nodes.

Deposit refers to the action of transferring BTT from an on-chain wallet to an off-chain one. Archimedes - V1.5.2 improves the flow of go-btfs calling the ledger service, extends the waiting time of receiving Deposit results from ledger, and enhances the stability of transfers from on-chain to off-chain wallets.

2. Full upgrade of the seed node

In the BTFS distributed network, nodes need to first connect to seed nodes, which will refer more nodes to establish connections with the current node for it to work properly. Archimedes - V1.5.2 raises the number of seed nodes that are connected to nodes, enabling them to connect to the BTFS decentralized network with higher speed and chances of success.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions on the upgrade.
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