Deposit BTT to BTFS


If you do not have BTT in TRON supported wallet yet, please go ahead and purchase your BTT any of the exchanges in the list here:

Get Private Key in Hex Format

  1. Run command to find your BTFS node’s private key:
findstr Priv .\.btfs\config
cat ~/.btfs/config | grep Priv
  1. Navigate to the directory and choose your Operating System and Architecture. For example:

  2. Click the "Download" button

  3. Set the file attributes to executable
    On windows, there is no need to do so
    On Mac and Linux, run

chmod 777 ledger-util
  1. Run the ledger-util tool on the command line and then input your private key found from step #1 when prompted.
ledger-util.exe -prod
/ledger-util -prod
  1. Input private key of account from step #1 <private key from btfs config>

  2. Copy the value outputted in “account private key (hex) format”

Obtain BTT Crypto Wallet Address

  1. Paste your private key in hex format from the output of ledger-util, field “account private key hex format” to - CONVERTER TOOL - PriKey_PubKey_Address - Main Net - PriKey - Start:
  1. Copy Crypto Wallet address that is shown in field Address (Base58Check)

Deposit BTT to BTT Crypto Wallet

  1. Deposit the desired amount of BTT from your exchange or wallet, into the address shown in Address (Base58Check)

Transfer BTT from BTT Crypto Wallet to BTFS In-App Wallet

  1. Note, there’s an limit in the transfer service: ( number are all BTT*10^6)
    Min withdraw amount: 1,000,000,000 - 1 thousand BTT
    Max withdraw amount: 1,000,000,000,000 - 1 million BTT

  2. Run:

btfs wallet deposit <amount>
  1. Wait for around 1 minute until shows “BTFS wallet deposit Done”

  2. Now you should have BTT in BTFS In-App Wallet, you can verify by running:

btfs wallet balance