How much does it cost to store files on BTFS right now?

Please refer to pricing structure (beta) here:

How much do people earn by hosting on BTFS?

Please refer to pricing structure (beta) here: In the future, we will enable hosts to name their own prices depending on the level of service they provide and their host score, which will further boost the earnings of high-rated hosts.

How can I become a Host or a Renter?

Please refer to the [Hosting]( and [Renting]( pages.

In Q2 2020, we will launch an intuitive BTFS host WebUI. This will allow hosts to more easily manage their nodes. In Q1 2020, we will also join forces with pioneer developers to develop awesome dApps and further expand the usability and commercialization of BTFS infrastructure.

How can I get BTT?

Currently, you can purchase BTT in the majority of exchanges, such as Binance, Bittrex, OKEX, Huobi, Bithumb, etc. You may also receive BTT airdrops in the future.

How can I get the most up-to-date development progress of BTFS?

You can now follow our twitter @BitTorrent for all the updates.

What if Hosts are down or offline? Do I lose my file(s) on BTFS?

The answer is yes but no. For each file uploaded to BTFS network, we divided and replicated the file into 30 shards. Thanks to Reed-Solomon encoding, the file is safe and retrievable even if 20 of the 30 shards are lost. This being said, with Guard actively challenge Hosts’ Proof of Replication, Guard can identify Hosts who are down and repair those chunks by replicating them to other hosts. So your files are safe, even if some of the hosts are down.

As a Renter, I am concerned about privacy and safety issues.

Hosts only store a small piece (shard) of your file, which is not retrievable on the Host’s end, so your file is safe and private as well as anonymous (file will be stored in name of a file hash).

As a Host, how do I prevent malicious files from being stored?

Since as a host, you are only storing a small piece (shard) of a file, this minimizes your risk of exposing the virus. Also, as long as you are not opening the shard in your local folder, you are safe.

During Host setup, what if my Host WebUI has been showing "syncing..." state for a long time?

This may because you have not enabled your host profile, try command `btfs config profile apply storage-host` and restart your BTFS daemon.

As a Host, how can I choose another destination (i.e. external hard drive) to store files?

The Host folder modification feature will be released through Host UI in Q3, 2020.

How can I use nfs or samba as btfs path?

Samba is not supported yet.
Using nfs as btfs path:

mkdir /var/nfs_share 
mount -t nfs /var/nfs_share
export BTFS_PATH=/var/nfs_share/.btfs
btfs init
btfs daemon

How can I use NFS/Samba as btfs path?

Samba hasn't been supported yet.


mkdir -p /nfs/general
mount /nfs/general
export BTFS_PATH=/nfs/general/.btfs
btfs init
btfs daemon