BitTorrent File System(BTFS) officially launches NFT hub, a free NFT distributed storage solution. Fully integrated into the TRON ecosystem, BTFS decentralized network supports the decentralized storage of NFT. NFT hub is a specialized service developed by the BTFS team for NFT data storage. Developers can protect NFT metadata using content-addressable and decentralized storage, ensuring that all NFTs follow the best practices and can be accessed in the long run.

Advantages of BTFS-powered NFT hub

  1. Ensure the stability of data stored on NFT hub
    BTFS stores data in a distributed way, meaning that a global network is created with countless peers in it for storage instead of simply backing up data in several server rooms. This way, uploaded NFTs will not get lost or invalid due to server error or website shutdown.

  2. Guarantee the reliability of data stored on NFT hub
    BTFS network is able to retrieve and repair data. Data to be stored on the BTFS nodes will be split into a number of file shards, which will then be encrypted and hosted on nodes across the globe. It makes sure that the NFTs stored are reliable.

  3. Protect the ownership of data stored on NFT hub
    An NFT stored on the BTFS network is tamper-proof, and its ownership belongs to its storer.

In the future, this enables you to create NFT with one click.

NFT hub Tutorial
Visit NFT hub at:
● Step 1: Download and install TronLink wallet, then use it to create or import your TRON account.
● Step 2: Click "Connect Wallet", then give approval and log into NFT hub.
● Step 3: Upload your NFT file. You can check your file and retrieve the link of the content in 'My File'.
NFT Hub currently supports jpg, png, gif, svg, pdf, mp4, and mp3 files under 10MB. Please email [email protected] enterprise-level NFT storage requests.