1, If it is free to upload a file via NFT hub, does it mean that the file is also free to be stored on the miner's host?
No. Users upload files through NFT hub is free, file storage costs are currently borne by the BTFS team, and storage miners get storage revenue normally.

2, NFT hub supports which formats? How large is the capacity?
NFT Hub currently supports file types including jpg, png, gif, svg, pdf, mp4, mp3, the maximum file size for a single upload is 10MB. If you have enterprise-level NFT storage needs,can sent email to [email protected], we will have a dedicated person to interface with you.

3, If some people have uploaded sensitive content, can it be saved and cast as NFT, shared to anyone, or even resold?
NFT hub platform and BTFS gateway will block the content that does not comply with local laws and regulations. Please use NFT hub products appropriately in accordance with local laws and regulations.

4, Through the NFT hub platform casting NFT need to spend TRX?
Future NFT hub platform will support the inclusion of TRON public chain in the casting of NFT on multiple public chains, NFT hub will not charge additional fees, but require users to pay the corresponding gas fees.

5, NFT hub platform storage period is how long?
NFT hub data will continue to be stored on the BTFS decentralized network indefinitely until the BTFS team decides to end the NFT hub project. the BTFS team reserves the right to terminate the NFT hub project at its sole discretion.
Prior to termination, the BTFS team will provide users with advance notice via a community announcement so that users have sufficient time to arrange for alternative storage of their data.