initInitialize a BTFS local configuration
add Add a file to BTFS
cat Show BTFS object data
get Download BTFS objects
ls List links from an object
refs List hashes of links from an object

Data Structure

blockInteract with raw blocks in the datastore
objectInteract with raw dag nodes
filesInteract with objects as if they were a UNIX filesystem
dagInteract with dag objects


daemonStart a long-running daemon process
mountMount a BTFS read-only mountpoint
resolveResolve any type of name
namePublish and resolve BTNS names
keyCreate and list BTNS name keypairs
dnsResolve DNS links
pinPin objects to local storage
repoManipulate the BTFS repository
statsVarious operational stats
p2pLibp2p stream mounting
filestoreManage the filestore (experimental)
storageInteract with storage services on BTFS.


idShow info about BTFS peers
bootstrapAdd or remove bootstrap peers
swarmManage connections to the p2p network
dhtQuery the DHT for values or peers
pingMeasure the latency of a connection
diagPrint diagnostics


configManage configuration
versionShow BTFS version information
updateDownload and apply go-btfs updates
commandsList all available commands
cidConvert and discover the properties of CIDs
logManage and show logs of running daemon