BTFS v2.2.0 Mainnet - Gregor

BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is a next-generation file-sharing protocol in the BitTorrent ecosystem. The BTFS team has rolled out BTFS v2.2.0 Mainnet-Mendel.

Updates of BTFS v2.2.0 Mainnet-Mendel are as follows:

  • BTFS nodes will start as miners by default;
  • Improved memory consumption for BTFS nodes;
  • Introduced online signature and Online Proof Contract; (Note: Nodes report heartbeats to Online Proof Contract every day, incurring a gas fee of 40 BTT, which will be deducted from the BTTC account. It is advised that you keep enough balance in your BTTC address to avoid failure to prove your uptime.)
  • Released the BTFS Dashboard and BTFS SCAN v2.2.0.

Useful links for BTFS v2.2.01 Mainnet-Mendel:
Release notes for BTFS v2.2.02 Mainnet-Mendel:
BTFS v2.2.0 Dashboard repo:
BTFS official website:
BTFS official documentation:

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