BTFS v2.2.1 Mainnet - Wirth

BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is a next-generation file-sharing protocol in the BitTorrent ecosystem. BTFS v2.2.1 Mainnet-Wirth has recently been released by the BTFS team.

Updates of BTFS v2.2.1 Mainnet-Wirth are as follows:

  • Updated the node reputation system.
  • Dashboard adds configuration management related options.
  • Support configuration of API endpoint address by URL parameter.

Useful links for BTFS v2.2.1 Mainnet-Wirth:

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BTFS Community Upgrade
As the BTFS ecosystem continues to grow and the community expands, BTFS has upgraded its community to provide more user-friendly features. This upgrade features new sections dedicated to the BTFS ecosystem and relevant resources for better communication with developers and business partners.

Upgraded Discord community: