BTFS v2.3.2 Mainnet - Gordon

BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is a next-generation file-sharing protocol in the BitTorrent ecosystem. BTFS v2.3.2 Mainnet, Gordon, was released by the BTFS team recently.

Updates of BTFS v2.3.2 Mainnet include:

New features:

  • This release introduces support for BTFS's simple node mode, which does not require interaction with the blockchain when the node starts. This enhancement simplifies the product's usability for new users.
  • The HTTP Gateway now supports trustless gateways, enabling clients to verify whether the data they receive matches the input CID, thereby preventing third-party gateway nodes from falsifying data and increasing reliability. In addition, it supports multiple response formats such as (DAG-)JSON/(DAG-)CBOR/tar/car, allowing clients to access various metadata and different data structures of the CID within the BTFS system. The introduction of subdomain gateways also allows for website hosting to be isolated by CID/name, enabling the DNS load balancing of the gateway to be implemented at the CID level.
  • When a large number of folders are uploaded to BTFS, the UnixFS sharding feature is automatically activated.


  • Migrated repositories from Github TRON-US to the bittorrent directory.
  • Improved the code structure and fixed bugs.

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