Obtaining BTT/WBTT at BTTC Mainet

BTT token is used as gas fee while execute transactions in BTTC chain. For example certain amount of BTT will be charged while you running btfs daemon command because it need to deploy a vault contract for you.

WBTT is used as currency while uploading or receiving files between BTFS nodes. For example, if you want to storage files in the BTFS network, you need to pay WBTT to the host nodes because they provided the storage space.

How to get BTT

BTT is the official token of BitTorrent Chain. BitTorrent Chain is a brand-new heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol, which leverages sidechains for the scaling of smart contracts. The regular way to obtain BTT token is to purchase it through an exchange and transfer it from the exchange to a BTTC on-chain wallet that you own.

If your usual exchange does not support the withdrawal of BTT tokens to the BTTC chain, we recommend you to use an alternative method, that is Deposit Assets from TRON to BTTC,and there's the BitTorrent Bridge.

How to get WBTT

If you have transferred some amount to BTT to your BTTC ADDRESS, you can swap certain amount of BTT to WBTT in 1:1 basis via command line or dashboard, which is the recommended way.

MetaMask is another way to achieve this, however it's a little complex.

  1. Open the MetaMask and switch to the BTTC main network; It's configurations can be found here.
  2. The BTT can be swapped to WBTT in 1:1 basis. Before swapping, you need to import the WBTT token 0x23181F21DEa5936e24163FFABa4Ea3B316B57f3C into your MetaMask. Just click the "Import tokens" under the MetaMask and fill in the token address will be ok.
  3. Then click the "Send" button in the MetaMask, enter the WBTT address 0x23181F21DEa5936e24163FFABa4Ea3B316B57f3C and the amount you want to swap.