Obtaining BTT/WBTT at BTTC Test Network

How to get BTT

If you just want to have a try on the BTTC testnet, you can get some free BTT at BitTorrent chain donau faucet.

How to get WBTT

The simplest way to swap BTT to WBTT is via command line or dashboard, which is also the recommended way.

MetaMask is another way to achieve this, however it's a little complex.

  1. Import the testnet BitTorrent Chain Donau network into your MetaMask. And the donau's configurations can be found here.
  2. Import the testnet WBTT token 0x107742eb846b86ceaaf7528d5c85cddcad3e409a into your MetaMast. Just click the "Import tokens" under the MetaMask and fill in the token address will be ok.
  3. Finally, click the "Send" button in the MetaMask, enter the WBTT address 0x107742eb846b86ceaaf7528d5c85cddcad3e409a and the amount you wanted to swap. Wait for a few seconds you will get the WBTT you wanted.