Store the files on BTFS via Storage3

The Storage feature of Storage3 provides a simple way to upload, store, and download files on BTFS.

Access Key Management

Before storing any files, you need to create an Access Key to authenticate user identity.
To do this, navigate to the Access Key management interface and click on "New Key" to generate a new Access Key.

You can also enable/disable, reset, and delete this Access Key at any time within this interface, and manage multiple Access Keys.

Managing Buckets

Once an Access Key is selected, you can create buckets. A bucket is a container for storing data, which helps in managing and organizing the data. The naming of buckets must comply with the S3 bucket naming rules.

When a bucket is no longer needed, you can delete it. Note that you must empty the contents of a bucket before deleting it.


To avoid potential bucket naming conflicts when files are stored on the same BTFS node, we add the hash value of the AccessKey as a prefix to each bucket name when storing it on the BTFS node.

Managing Folders

You can create new folders in a bucket and rename or delete existing folders as needed.


File name must follow S3 object key naming rules.

Uploading Content

You can upload any files and folders into a bucket or folder. Successfully uploaded files can be accessed via the BTFS Gateway. Additionally, you can rename and delete the uploaded content.


You can also use the AWS CLI to interact with the Storage3. Please refer to supported command for the list of available commands, and the API endpoint is