Deposit BTT/WBTT to BTFS


As mentioned in the How do I get BTT/WBTT on the BTTC Mainet section, you probably already transferred certain amount of BTT to your own BTTC wallet, or to the BTTC ADDRESS directly.

If you hold BTT in your own BTTC wallet, you can send certain amount of BTT to your BTTC ADDRESS in your MetaMask. The BTTC ADDRESS can be found in the dashboard, or via the btfs id command.


Get BTTC ADDRESS in the dashboard

# Get BTTC ADDRESS via the command
$ btfs id
	"ID": "16Uiu2HAkuked4mhvUTmWB6wdTbrwy41b1CVsroF17fGJgkscZzUB",
	# ...
	# your bttc address
	"BttcAddress": "0xAf749476CFc24F2baA3B8CCE8b85FdbbCAe69543",
	"VaultAddress": "0x0BCA8D7525Dbcb2d9645606FB2f53Cd07233016A"

Another complicated way is to import the BTTC ADDRESS into your MetaMask by importing your BTTC node's Private Key, which can be found in the dashboard's setting page. Then you can treat it as a common BTTC account. That means you can deposit/withdraw BTT to/from this account, and you can also swap BTT to WBTT in the MetaMask.


Get Private Key in the dashboard

Note that if your node serves as a renter, you need to deposit enough amount of WBTT into your BTTC ADDRESS, because you need to pay the host nodes when uploading files.


Your VAULT ADDRESS serves as a wallet in the BTFS network. You pay the host nodes when you uploading files, and the hosts will cash from your VAULT ADDRESS after they received your cheque. In brief, the WBTT token serves as currency in the BTFS network.

  1. If you are a host node, you don't need to deposit WBTT to your VAULT ADDRESS. If some renters uploaded files to your node, they will pay you certain amount of WBTT in the form of a cheque. After you cashing the cheques , you can transfer the WBTT from your VAULT ADDRESS to BTTC ADDRESS by just clicking the "Withdraw" button, or via the btfs vault withdraw <amount> command.

  2. But if you are a renter, you must deposit enough WBTT to your VAULT ADDRESS from your BTTC ADDRESS by clicking the "Deposit" button, or via the btfs vault deposit <amount> comand. This means you must have deposited enough WBTT to your BTTC ADDRESS as mentioned above.


Deposit or withdraw WBTT

# check the WBTT balance of the vault, note that the result is multiplied by 1e18
$ btfs vault balance
the vault available balance: 5000000000000000000

# deposit 1 WBTT to vault for example
$ btfs vault deposit 1000000000000000000  # == 1*1e18
the hash of transaction: 0x...

# withdraw 6 WBTT from vault
$ btfs vault withdraw 6000000000000000000  # == 1*1e18
the hash of transaction: 0x...