NFT Utility

Hold NFT to enjoy more benefits

BTFS Storage3 will continue to empower NFT holders in the TRON ecosystem. Currently, we provide empowerment support for BTFS Genesis Badge NFT, and will support more NFTs in the future

BTFS Genesis Badge

BTFS 2.0 Genesis NFT badges are designed to reward early contributors of the BTFS 2.0 network. The badges come in level G (60%), level T (30%), and level P (10%) in ascending order of rarity, and you can learn more at the following links.


Now storage 3 users with BTFS Genesis badge NFT can get more usage privileges than free accounts. The rules are as follows:

  1. Users who do not hold a BTFS Genesis NFT are free accounts
  2. The user's NFT level is based on the highest level of the Genesis badge they hold.
CategoryFree AccountNFT Holder
Total storage space limit5GBLevel P - Gold: 150GB (extra)
Level T - Silver: 100GB (extra)
Level G - Bronze: 50GB (extra)
Maximum number of deployable sites60Level P - Gold: 200
Level T - Silver: 150
Level G - Bronze: 100
Single site space limit100MBLevel P - Gold: 1GB
Level T - Silver: 800M
Level G - Bronze: 600MB