BTFS V2.3.4 Mainnet - Weiss

BitTorrent File System (BTFS) is a next-generation file-sharing protocol in the BitTorrent ecosystem. We’re excited to announce the launch of BTFS v2.3.4 Mainnet-Weiss.

What’s New in BTFS v2.3.4?

  • Add support for BTIP-52, which aims to enhance data privacy of file sharing for greater security.
  • Add support for file encryption and decryption to ensure that only the shared host can decrypt the encrypted files.
  • Introduce btfs encrypt and btfs decrypt commands, utilizing ECIES as the asymmetric algorithm for file encryption and decryption. Note that asymmetric encryption may impact system performance more than symmetric solutions, but it offers greater convenience for nodes to operate.
  • Optimize BTIP-25 and provide support for loose mode in the AWS S3 API to enhance availability when integrating with other AWS S3 compatible tools like rclone, which prevents refusal of requests if the API receives an unknown header or URL parameter.
  • Bug fixes.

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