How does BTFS online proof work?


The online proof embedded in the BTFS distributed network is a crucial mechanism to ensure the reliability of storage nodes, while the uptime of a node serves as a key metric for evaluating its quality. Therefore, enabling online proof can greatly boost the performance, availability, and coverage of the BTFS distributed network.

Architecture of Online Proof Service


Online Proof Process

  1. The signature data of each host is reported to online-server every day;
  2. Online-server generates merkle-tree every day based on the data from all hosts;
  3. Store merkle-proof on s3 so that hosts can check their proof info; also store merkle-proof in the database for users to view data in BTFS SCAN;
  4. Store merkle-root in the online-proof-v2 contract;
  5. Users validate the daily data reported through BTFS SCAN (or BTTCScan).