Change my hosting folder

After running the BTFS daemon, you can modify the storage path of BTFS.

Using command line:

# Modify the Host storage folder path for BTFS client
btfs storage path <path-name> <storage-size>

The argument "path-name" is used to specify the new storage path, it must be an absolute path.
The argument "storage-size" is used to declare the size of the space required by the new storage path. The default unit of this argument is byte, but you can use a humanized style like 20G, 100M and so on. It should be specified as a value not less than the current BTFS storage size. It is used to ensure that the new storage path has enough space to migrate files.

Using dashboard:

Use the BTFS Dashboard to make changes to the storage path.


It should be noted that:

  1. The operation of modifying the file path will cause other ongoing tasks to be interrupted abnormally.
  2. The new path specified must be empty and its parent directory must exist.
  3. After performing this operation, the BTFS daemon will automatically restart and then execute the file migration. The daemon will not be accessible until the file migration is completed.
  4. After the path is successfully modified, the original BTFS_PATH environment variable will no longer take effect. Instead, it will be controlled by the path in the file in the BTFS installation directory.