BTFS V3.0.0 Mainnet - Heisenberg

BTFS Protocol v3.0.0 Mainnet(Heisenberg) Now Live! 🚀

This updated version introduces several innovative features designed to enhance network security, user experience and operational efficiency.

What’s New in BTFS v3.0.0?

  • Enhanced Encryption Feature: In response to BTIP-72, the new version now supports symmetric encryption, catering to users' diverse security needs.
  • Improved Node Security: Following extensive community discussions on BTIP-73, the import and export of keystore files are now enabled, enhancing node security and simplifying management.
  • Batch Withdrawal: This version supports batch withdrawals across multiple nodes, significantly streamlining the process for miners and boosting efficiency.
  • Improved Connectivity: The network connection has been extensively overhauled to ensure more stable and efficient data transmission.

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